This Week in Catalog: June 19, 2020

Hi, all. We think we have a solution for the SanMar products that were pulling up pricing at $0.00 due to flawed data. We’re implementing it over the weekend and if it works, the issue will be fixed. In other news, we are still waiting to hear back from PenCarrie in reponse to our request for new data to allow us to offer face coverings.

In the S&S Activewear catalog, we added 79 new products this week and updated 5. In Ralawise, we added 8 new products and updated 1. We updated 2 products each in SanMar and PenCarrie, and 1 each in BTC Activewear and Alphabroder. We have also updated the pricing in the Alphabroder catalog so it should be current as of Thursday, June 18, for all active products.


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