This Week in Catalog: June 7, 2019

I hope June is treating you all well so far. We had our monthly data import from SanMar last weekend. Also, we finished up the simple categories in S&S Activewear and are moving on to Alphabroder. If memory serves, Alphabroder is our largest catalog so I anticipate we will be working on it for quite some time (in terms of our schedule allocation for simple categories).

In PenCarrie, we updated 103 products and activated 2 new ones. The SanMar update had 6 new products and we updated images for 9 more items. We added 7 new products in S&S Activewear today and completed simple products for a total of 393 products this week. Lastly, in Alphabroder, we updated 2 products this week and configured simple categories for another 75.


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