This Week in Catalog: March 19, 2021

Hello, everyone. The Outdoor Cap catalog is now live! We have also submitted S&S Activewear Canada to development for publication. As of this writing, it is still in their hands but please check back regularly for the catalog in your store(s). We have also received new data from Ralawise. Our fingers and toes are crossed that it’s correct this time. This data should be imported early next week and, if correct, will be published within a few days.

This week, we added 33 new products to BTC Activewear. We updated 48 in Ralawise, as we continue to work on managing current products that have not been reviewed since their initial configuration. In Alphabroder, we added 15 new products and expect to see a few more over the weekend. We completed the Gildan Brands update, adding 10 new products. In S&S Activewear, we added 3 new products and updated 9 with new images. We are still working to fully publish the updated catalog. I am making another attempt as I write this blog post. Rounding out our week, we added 4 products to S&S Activewear Canada before submitting it to development, added 1 new product and updated 1 product in SanMar, and updated 2 products in PenCarrie.


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