This Week in Catalog: March 29, 2019

Howdy ho, neighbors. Hold onto your hats, I have some big news. We finally received the long-awaited, much-anticipated data update from PenCarrie. Hooray! Getting the catalog updated with new colors, sizes, and products will be our top priority, though we will be putting in some work on other projects as well.

We also received the corrected pricing from Otto this morning. I’ve made that update and the current pricing should be live. We have some new products (around 80, if I recall) to configure there and we will get to them as we are able.

This week’s work was still largely focused on adding those Simple Categories I mentioned last week. We got them added to 1605 products in the Alphabroder catalog, 285 in BTC Activewear, and to 12 additional products in S&S Activewear. The SanMar catalog has gotten a total of 25 products updated with new product images this week. Additionally, we updated 2 products in Vantage and 1 in BTC.


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