This Week in Catalog: March 5, 2021

What a week it’s been, my friends. We’ve been very hard at work trying to make heads or tails of Ralawise‘s new data format. We are aware of an issue our European users may have noticed where strange characters have appeared in color and product names. It turns out, Ralawise made an error when encoding the data file. They have provided us with a corrected version this morning and I am hopeful we can get that imported early next week. We are also working on a pricing update for the JB’s Wear catalog. The file we received was missing a lot of product information but, with any luck, does have the current product pricing.

On to our weekly product tally. We updated 77 product in Ralawise with new images. We added 25 new products to the S&S Activewear Canada catalog, which I anticipate publishing for you at the end of next week. I’m still waiting for the new Outdoor Cap catalog to go live before saddling development with another brand new catalog. We added 21 new products to BTC Activewear. In S&S Activewear, we added 13 new products and updated 3 with new images. Finally, we added 7 new products in Alphabroder and updated 3 in SanMar. Assuming all of the Ruby upgrade problems are ironed out, the March SanMar import will run this weekend as scheduled.


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