This Week in Catalog – May 18, 2018

I have two big announcements to make in regards to the DecoNetwork catalogs. We read and listen to your complaints and suggestions. Recently, I approached the higher-ups with some ideas to improve our catalogs for you. They let me wear my big girl pants and make the decisions so a few things are going to change. I hope you’ll agree that they are for the better. We honestly want the DecoNetwork catalogs to be the best they can be and it’s an area were the ball had been dropped for a long time. Now, that ball is in my hands and we’re going to make the catalogs better.

First change: Even though are are many drawbacks to using image per color product views, we will be re-instating their use for products that offer heathered or textured options. The views look so much better than template versions and I think that the aesthetic value of using product images is worth the occasional product malfunction due to vendor additions.

Second change: I am going to be personally reviewing every product in every catalog. Yep. Our standards have changed back and forth and sideways. We want our products to look great and be consistent. Consistency has been a huge issue in the past and by taking the time to review all products, we can make sure that same standards and procedures have been applied across the board. It will also allow me to upgrade products that need it to image per color product views.

The operative term there is time. It is going to be slow going for one person to look at and make corrections to over 17,000 products across 20 catalogs. How slow? Dial-up internet slow. A snail in molasses slow. George R.R. Martin finishing The Winds of Winter slow. It’s a huge undertaking but it will get done. We are prioritizing our premium partners and most popular catalogs first. This investment in quality also means that we will be slowing down (way down) on adding new products. We will be doing our best to keep our top catalogs up to date, but those with fewer users will not have priority on our precious time. That’s just how it is and I’m sorry that we can’t do it all and do it quickly.

I look forward to bringing you the best we can offer. See you next week!


  1. It might sound a little silly, But is there not a way to streamline the products that are offered in numerous catalogue’s (for us Pencarrie / Ralawise / BTC come to mind) to a single product with the facility to select the supplier you use at product level?
    That would make a huge difference to the work required in the future and mean standardising one product rather than a shed full………..

    1. That would be a question for our development team. I recommend submitting this to the ideas forum.


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