This Week in Catalog: November 1, 2019

Hello everybody. During this last week of October, we added 84 new products to PenCarrie, 15 new products to S&S Activewear, and 6 new products to Alphabroder. We also updated 1 product each in SanMar, S&S, and Alphabroder with new images.

We are nearly finished with this massive PenCarrie update. There are a number of Sol’s products, however, that need data corrections from the vendor before we will be able to configure them. Also corrected the problem in SanMar that was causing piece pricing to be shown instead of case pricing for a number of products. Lastly, it appears that S&S Activewear will be adding all of their drop ship-only products to DecoNetwork. I don’t know if the data will be ready in time for our import this month, so we shall see.


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