This Week in Catalog – October 19, 2018

Greetings, all. I have some good news for you! We are very close to getting a portion of the Condé catalog live. We have 16 products that have been configured and are ready to go. Once they were completed, we realized, however, that we need to create some new decoration area types in order to accommodate the new products offered. I’m not sure exactly when the catalog will go live but we’ll be sure to let you know, both by social media and this blog. Currently, we have the data for an additional 32 products but are awaiting product images from Condé.

Aside from Condé, we focused our efforts almost exclusively on the Ralawise catalog this week. We were able to configure a total of 107 products there. We still have plenty more to go but feel good about our progress at present. In terms of our typical weekly maintenance, we updated images for 5 products in the SanMar catalog and 4 in S&S Activewear.

Suzanne October 23, 2018

Hello Graham. We have been struggling to get current, accurate data from PenCarrie. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do without getting new data from them. As of now, I see that we have 24 Yoko products active.

Graham October 22, 2018

Hello Finding a lot of the pencarrie products are being taken off the catalogue which are still live products. for example the majortiy of the yoko products have been removed from the pencarrie catalogue.