This Week in Catalog: October 2, 2020

Hi! You may (or may not) have noticed that there was no blog post last Friday, so this week’s update will also include last week’s figures. We’ve gotten a lot done in these two weeks, though, so there’s that. We’ve gotten the Uneek size tables converted from flat to circumference measurements and those changes should be live already. We’ve also fixed a bug that was preventing new products from appearing in the SanMar Canada catalog. Lastly, we received the corrected shipping weights from Gildan Brands and have begun work on the new catalog, some of which is active and available.

We are still waiting, as we always seem to be, on a number of updates from various vendors. These include; updated descriptions from Ralawise with better formatting in the descriptions, Augusta Sportswear‘s data that includes Pacific Headwear and updated pricing, updates from OttoCap, and updates from JB’s Wear. We still have radio silence from PenCarrie. Seriously, if anyone can get through to them, please…

As for what we can do, we’ve added 45 new products to the S&S Activewear catalog and updated 14 with new images. In Ralawise, we’ve added 44 new products and updated 1. We have added 41 new products to the BTC Activewear catalog and updated 1. We’ve gotten SanMar Canada fully up to date with 33 new products. In Alphabroder, we’ve added 28 new products (introducing the Berne brand) and updated 2 products. We have published a total of 10 new products in Gildan Brands (including the original 5 with corrected shipping). Finally, we’ve updated 11 products in SanMar with new images.


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