This Week in Catalog: October 4, 2019

Hi, everyone. Sorry I missed making a blog post last week. I assure you, we were hard at work. Here’s what we’ve gotten accomplished over the past two weeks: In PenCarrie, we have updated 6 products with new images and added 136 new ones. In Ralawise, we have completed 48 new products. In S&S Activewear, we have updated 4 products and added 15 new ones. We have updated one product in SanMar and should be getting the latest batch of data this weekend. In Alphabroder, we have updated 5 products with new images. We have also added 2 new products in BTC Activewear. Lastly, we have completed the simple categories for Conde, Magic Touch, Papini, Superior Activewear, Vantage, Uneek, Expert Brand, Wundou, and Augusta Sportswear.


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