Our master of all things DecoNetwork, Cris, is here with a video in response to the many customer questions we’ve had about upgrading and migrating your existing DecoNetowork site with the new page creation and management tools in the upcoming DecoNetwork 8.

In the video, Cris addresses the following common concerns, all while directly demonstrating the steps you need to recreate your original DecoNetwork site with the new DecoNetwork 8 tools.

  • What happens to my customized DecoNetwork 7.5 site when I upgrade?
  • Will I be able to work on my new DecoNetwork 8 site at my own pace?
  • When will the changes I make in my new site go live?
  • Will upgrading my site affect the affiliate sites connected to my account?

In short, Cris is here to put your fears to rest; when upgrading, your original DecoNetwork site is live, unchanged, and available to your customers, even while you are creating your new responsive site with the intuitive new tools in DecoNetwork 8. You’ll be able to work on your site, save changes as you work, and preview the new site as a customer would see it, only making it live when you decide to publish.

Cris walks us through the upgrade and recreates his custom site with ease, showing us every step along the way.


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Erich was an award-winning machine embroidery digitizer, designer and e-commerce manager in his career as a decorator. He became a voice in the decorated apparel industry, frequently contributing articles and interviews to embroidery industry magazines as well as a host of blogs, social media groups, and other industry resources and has recently begun teaching and talking on the tradeshow circuit. Erich is currently the Relationship Manager at DecoNetwork, and continues to be an evangelist for the craft, a stitch-obsessed embroidery believer, and holds firm to a belief in constant, lifelong learning and the free exchange of technique and experience through conversations with his fellow decorators.


    • Hey Diego, DecoNetwork 8 is current still in development however we are offering early access as a beta stage. If you are interested in testing it, submit a support ticket requesting beta access and and we’ll take it from there.


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