DecoNetwork Help Chronicles #3: Supplier Catalogs

DecoNetwork Help Chronicles #3: Supplier Catalogs
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  • Post published:Jun 4, 2024
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DecoNetwork offers an extensive range of over 20 thousand products from all major supplier catalogs, such as SanMar, Alpha, SSActivewear, Pencarrie, Ralawise, and many more. This vast selection empowers you with endless possibilities to offer your services seamlessly and efficiently.

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DecoNetwork Supplier Catalogs Integration

When you select supplier catalogs, you gain access to a vast product range that you can sell through Business Hub and your web stores. The products you choose from these catalogs are based on Smart Select rules. If a product meets the Smart Select criteria for any enabled decoration process, it will be imported from the selected catalog.

Select Catalog

DecoNetwork offers a seamless and fully automated way to enable supplier catalogs in your stores and Business Hub.
  • How to add supplier catalogs
  • Catalog Updates

    DecoNetwork routinely updates catalogs as we receive new data about product availability and supplier changes. To prevent the automatic deletion of products, these updates are not automatically pushed to Fulfillment Centers. To ensure you have the most up-to-date products and data, you must check catalog updates regularly.
  • Find out how to update your catalog
  • Manage Suppliers

    The Supplier Account Details screen allows you to create and manage the list of suppliers from which you purchase products. Deconetwork integrates with several primary industry blank product suppliers, with thousands of catalog products you can add to your system.
  • How to create and manage your catalog suppliers
  • What Makes DecoNetwork Integrations With Supplier Catalogs Unique?

    Unlike others, DecoNetwork has a dedicated team that works on quality assurance of all supplier catalogs offered to DecoNetwork Members. In addition, thanks to Smart Select Technology, automation is a crucial strength of DecoNetwork catalog integration. Tasks such as order processing, inventory management, and product updates are streamlined, saving time and reducing potential errors.