Have you ever been presented with a scribble on a table napkin and told that’s the artwork the customer wants reproduced? Ever got a glazed, puzzled look from a client when you then tried talking vectors or resolution?

Yeah, us too - on both counts.

In the garment decoration business, artwork can be presented in some pretty crazy styles and formats - from that doodle on a serviette right up to an image or Word doc on a mobile phone. This is where a graphic artist normally has to step in and invest a heap of energy in organising print-ready artwork, making proofs, doing edits and chasing approval to keep orders on track.

Imagine if you could skip that painful step.

Well, here’s the good news: imagine no more, because we’ve sorted it! DecoNetwork’s Online Designer is a frustrated art team’s dream come true. Enhance your website with our powerful HTML printing and embroidery Online Designer, powered by CorelDRAW®.

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Online Designer

Use software built with your specific needs in mind

The DecoNetwork Online Designer is purpose-built for the garment and product decoration industry. It’s tailor-made to suit businesses of all sizes and types. When we say we’re committed to offering the best decoration software on the planet, when we say we’re constantly evolving in response to customer feedback and changes in the industry and technology, it’s not just rhetoric. We notice what you need, and we respond to it.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Built for the print and embroidery industry

Did you know...

DecoNetwork's online designer in non-flash based which means it works on any computer or device.

Start with production-ready artwork every single time

No more art that’s too big for the garment. No more type that’s too small to embroider. No more DTG printing requested on a polyester garment. Sound like Utopia?

No, it sounds like you’re using DecoNetwork! With our Online Designer, you set the standards. That means you can trust that the artwork will be production-ready every time.

Let’s take acceptable file formats. Once you set your parameters, if an art file uploaded by a customer doesn’t meet your standards, the user is alerted immediately. You’ll no longer be scrambling to resolve low quality artwork issues when production is already under way.

What about the guidelines on garment and fabric types to suit certain decoration methods? Yes, you can preset parameters there too. You can keep everything positive, with no more lengthy explanations of why you can’t complete an impossible request - right down to no more prints over zippers or seams if your business can’t offer that service. Wrong options aren’t available. YOU are in control.

You can even customize the color palette to stocked inks or thread colors, so that your customers only work with colors that are readily available. The customer is prompted to choose a ‘closest match’ to the artwork and is shown a live preview of the result. Just think of the time and guesswork this saves!

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Production-ready files

Everyone wants to be a designer - sigh!

Tired of watching your team jump through seemingly endless hoops as an indecisive customer tweaks their design back and forth, often ending up exactly where they started? NO MORE!

Both your team and your clients will be amazed by the artwork capabilities and unprecedented control in our Online Designer. This highly visual, easy-to-use tool isn’t Flash-based, so use on iPads or iPhones is supported. Users can select from a stock design, upload an art file or create a design on the fly. Live integration with Facebook and Instagram means your customers can even import their own photos and designs to create truly personalized products. And if they want to make multiple changes they can do it themselves, saving your team valuable time (not to mention sanity).

Whether we’re talking simple edits (repositioning, rotating or resizing art) or more complex adjustments (adding text, removing backgrounds, changing fonts, grouping objects or recoloring), our Online Designer has it covered.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Customer self-serve

Did you know...

DecoNetwork's online designer is powered by CorelDRAW graphics and Wilcom embroidery technology which means you get production-ready files every time.


Give your clients great stock design choices

Even the most picky customer will find a design to please them in DecoNetwork. Our extensive library contains thousands of stock designs and fonts from leading providers, with full vector support powered by CorelDRAW® technology. You can add to this impressive collection with your own designs; you’ll enjoy unlimited storage and flexible design categorization. The stock designs can even be customized by your customers or team, using live-update recoloring and editable text.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.

Accurate mock-up, every time

An artwork team can spend countless hours creating mockups and making changes, so the client can preview their chosen design on the product. Imagine how much time DecoNetwork’s self-service option will save you! Offer your customers a powerful HTML online designer to mock-up their artwork onto their chosen products, on their own device, in their own time.

With our Online Designer, your customers can take control and make their own tweaks until they’re 100% happy, then present you with their order-ready design.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Accurate mock-up

Did you know...

Your customers can select from the thousands of stock designs available in DecoNetwork, or, if you allow them, can upload their own custom designs.

It’s so simple a monkey could do it!

Okay, maybe a well-trained monkey working for premium bananas - but the point is, you no longer need graphic design qualifications or expensive software just to present your customer with a mockup of their artwork. That means your salesperson can easily put a quick mockup together to accompany a quote. With both visual impact and demonstrated efficiency on your side, important sales will be so much easier to close out.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Easy-to-use online designer tools

Why struggle? Use software that’s designed for embroidery!

Your software should be making your job easier and the results better, right? DecoNetwork’s embroidery package fits the bill. It’s powered by Wilcom and offers unsurpassed embroidery lettering quality. Embroidery files can be converted to all popular embroidery machine formats, including .EMB, .DST, .DSB, .EXP and more.

Your customers can select from over 10,000 embroidery stock designs and place them in the design area. Any text added to the design area is real embroidery text, supported over 130 Wilcom fonts.

Finally, your customer can upload a custom bitmap logo and DecoNetwork’s embroidery technology will automatically match the bitmap colors to the thread palette, plus automatically calculate a digitizing and sewing stitch count.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Production overview

Did you know...

By allowing your customers to create their own designs you will eliminate spelling errors as being your problem.

We already did the work for you!

We’ve spent countless hours configuring thousands of products with front and back views in each colorway, so you don’t have to. When a customer uses the Online Designer to mock-up their designs, they’re seeing a true representation of how their design will look on the product of their choice. They can see any edges, seams or zippers. They can see how their artwork will appear on the base color. Let the customer make the call on how to best color, size or position the art to suit their selected styles, all within the parameters you’ve set.

And our Online Designer is not just for t-shirts. Your customer can design anything - mugs, caps, phone cases, mouse mats, surfboards, stickers and more. You can create custom products and specify where on the product your customers can decorate. You can create custom decoration areas that support irregular shaped products or non-printable areas.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! It’s DecoNetwork!

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
15,000+ supplier products in DecoNetwork

DecoNetwork puts you in control and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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