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Online shopping (or ‘eCommerce’) is the new black in terms of retail profits, and to build your business you need a slice of that. Not a computer wizard? That’s okay, because we are! DecoNetwork takes the mystery out of setting up your own store on the internet. With the help of DecoNetwork, you can create a business website that has style and substance, customized to suit your branding and built on the strongest online retail principles.

And it's not just about selling your own products. Once your own store is set-up, you can branch out into B2B (Business-to-business) and offer a powerful 'affiliate store' platform for your customers' use. There they can on-sell their branded products - and you’ve just secured their ongoing custom. You can even offer your clients fundraising campaign sites, to help them reach their goals!

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.

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Online store

Open the door to your own web store

You can’t avoid the internet if you want a high performing business. 89% of people in North America, 73% in Europe and 73% in Oceania use the net, and that’s a LOT of customers. The majority of these consumers will Google a product first before they phone, email or set foot out the door, so having a website that is informative and functional is critical for any business today.

Of course, your website must be efficient, not a product of Amateur Hour! Once they Google, consumers want to have comprehensive and accurate information at their fingertips. DecoNetwork web stores give you confidence that your clients will get all the information they need to commit to a purchase from you.

Your online customers can browse your product catalogs online, select sizes and colors, and even decorate the products themselves with the integrated Online Designer to check out how their purchase will look. DecoNetwork gives you your own personal store which uses your own custom domain (that means it can’t be confused with anyone else’s DecoNetwork store).

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Make your business accessible

Did you know...

Having an eCommerce web stores will increase your sales opportunity by giving your clients a chance to buy from you while they are browsing online.

But the internet is so insecure!

Sure it is, if you don’t know what you’re doing! That’s why DecoNetwork is fully equipped with a secure eCommerce store front. DecoNetwork has support for over 10 well-known and trusted payment gateways, including PayPal, SecurePay, and Ogone. These payment methods have stood the test of time and most clients will already trust them.

The checkout experience online is a very important part of the service. It needs to be simple and efficient. Make your new customers happy with an integrated shopping cart and easy 4-step checkout purchasing experience. At the checkout you can make returning customers’ lives easier by offering effortless re-ordering capabilities. It’s also a great place to swing a carrot in front of your client’s nose as an incentive to buy more. Boost your sales with volume discounts, coupon codes and gift certificates!

Have you ever bought something on eBay and then discovered the shipping charges are more than the purchase? That won’t happen in your DecoNetwork store! Our live shipping integration with providers such as DHL, FedEx and USPS means the actual shipping price is acquired at the exact time of purchase. Your USA and Australian customers will get the most accurate shipping costs possible.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Safe and secure integrated shopping cart

Style your own shop without coding skills!

There’s no need to outlay thousands of dollars in upfront costs to build your own professional website! With DecoNetwork you get a fully functional secure standalone website. Your DecoNetwork subscription includes the hosting, website platform and a free DecoNetwork domain name, but you can add your own domain name for a truly personalized experience for your clients. Simply sign up month-to-month on one of our affordable plans.

Then the creative fun begins! Invest a little time and effort in the setup, and your shop will start to look and feel unique. To start, just choose from our range of 30 website style templates. Personalize the template with your own branding - no need for a technical background in coding! Customize the look and feel with your logo, your color scheme and if you like your own domain name, then add pages and content to match your business simply by typing into the template. It’s simple - and remember, we have a 24-hour help line if you get stuck!

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Select a website template

Did you know...

DecoNetwork templates are created with HTML and CSS, which means you don't need to learn any special 'DecoNetwork' format to customize your site.

Want more control? You’ve got it!

Want to strut your HTML stuff? Want to get creative with your CSS skills? DecoNetwork gives you full access on request, so you can code your life away if you want! Image is everything, particularly in the decoration business, so if you know your coding and you’d like a more customized look to your DecoNetwork site, you’ll be able to style your site with the custom look of your dreams.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Custom HTML

Capture your clients and go viral with an affiliate web store

Your B2B clients deserve to have this opportunity too, right? Liberate your customers from the expense and hassle of building a website from scratch to retail their products! Offer them a free affiliate store, hosted by you. Fashion labels, bands, designers, businesses, sports clubs and more will love your one stop fulfilment shop! Each web store has its own unique URL (website address) and as you’ve read above, DecoNetwork templates can be tailored to each client’s personal branding.

Just think of the possibilities! Your ‘eTailers’ can create amazing decorated products in their very own store to share with their own networks. With you positioned as their safe online base, all they need to worry about is promoting and selling - and all you need to do is handle the production and shipping. Affiliate web stores are a great way to increase sales and promote your business while others do the hard work. Your affiliate store network has the potential to go viral, attracting thousands of online sellers.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Affiliate stores

Did you know...

You can provide a link on your website for your customers to create their own affiliate store creating an army of online-sellers for you.

Campaign stores can change lives and your business

Fundraising and crowdfunding are the lifeblood of many great organisations, schools, causes and events. Help them reach the stars with a campaign store that gets them to their goal faster and with far less stress. Campaigners simply select a product, add their design, set their sales goal, add pricing and their details then launch the campaign. They can set a minimum quantity threshold to maximize profits or to meet your production minimums.

Then it’s just a matter of the campaigner spreading the word and directing their supporters to the campaign URL. No more manually collecting orders, taking individual payments and consolidating when DecoNetwork automates these tasks with ease. Both you and the customer can monitor the campaign’s progress at any time and payment can either be taken upfront, trigger once the campaign reaches its goal or when the orders are shipped. At the end of the campaign the commission can even be set up to credit the customer automatically!

Facilitating pre-orders through a campaign store eliminates the risk and uncertainty for your customers who traditionally have to predict the styles, colours, sizes and quantities that may or may not sell. Change lives by helping these organizations achieve better sales and profit to invest back into their important work.

Make it easier for your customers to do business with you.
Campaign stores

DecoNetwork puts you in control and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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