A look at All American Print Supply’s new STS VJ-628D Direct to Film Printer

A look at All American Print Supply’s new STS VJ-628D Direct to Film Printer
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  • Post published:Apr 11, 2022
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Direct-to-film printing, more commonly known as DTF, has been all the rage in 2022.

DTF printing is an alternative to Direct to Garment printing (DTG) which has become an increasingly popular way to print for the past decade-plus. DTF printing is the process of printing designs and artworks onto transfer films that are then transferred onto a garment of your choice using an adhesive.

Our friends at All American Print Supply recently, a major distributor in the industry, showcased their latest product at the Atlantic City Impressions Expo last month, the STS VJ-628D Direct to Film printer. Estevan Romero from All American Print Supply gave DecoNetwork an inclusive interview and talked about everything the machine has to offer.

Estevan said during the interview that they have seen a big spike in interest and popularity in DTF printing and because of that, they wanted to make that an option for their customers. He said that in December 2021, the All American Print Supply team visited STS Inks at their headquarters in Florida to get an up-close look at their machines.

“They are ink specialists,” Romero said of STS Inks. “They’ve really been refining and fine-tuning this process and it’s awesome.”

Estevan gave us an up-close look at how the printer works and showed us the entire process from start to finish. He also showed how well printing Direct to Film works on materials such as red polyester, and other materials that would not be able to handle being pretreated. All-in-all, it makes for an impressive piece of printing equipment.

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