Catalog Chronicles #3: TBF Bags Go Live & Catalog News

Catalog Chronicles #3: TBF Bags Go Live & Catalog News
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  • Post published:Jun 9, 2024
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Hello DecoNetwork users! This week the TBF Bags catalog has gone live with 65 products. We’ve made significant updates, including 75 new products in Alphabroder, 2 new and 85 updated items in S&S Activewear, 28 new products in Outdoor Cap, and additional updates across BTC Activewear, Ralawise, SanMar, PenCarrie, and AS Colour. We’re also eagerly awaiting updates from SanMar Canada and Cutter & Buck.

TBF Bags Now Available In DecoNetwork

We have some great news this week. The TBF Bags catalog is officially live, featuring a fantastic lineup of 65 products. This launch is part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the best and most diverse selection for your needs.

Enable the TBF Bags catalog in DecoNetwork – Full Tutorial

Catalog Update Completed

Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve accomplished over the past week:

  • Alphabroder: 75 new products added, 2 existing products updated.
  • S&S Activewear: 2 new products added, 85 existing products updated.
  • Outdoor Cap: 28 new products added.
  • BTC Activewear: 3 new products added.
  • Ralawise: 1 new product added.
  • SanMar: 4 current products updated.
  • PenCarrie: 1 current product updated.
  • AS Colour: 1 new product updated.
  • TBF Bags: Completed the remaining 39 products for today’s launch.

Upcoming Catalog Update

We’re eagerly anticipating data updates from SanMar Canada and Cutter & Buck, as they expand their offerings within our catalog. Stay tuned for more details!

Stay Tuned!

Thank you for your continuous support and enthusiasm. We’re excited to keep bringing you the latest and greatest in our catalog offerings. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy exploring the new products!