Digitees Reveals The Amazing Power Of Customer Reviews For Print Shops

Digitees Reveals The Amazing Power Of Customer Reviews For Print Shops
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  • Post published:Jun 26, 2023
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If you’re a print shop owner looking to launch your own Online Store, you need to understand the vital role customer reviews play in driving success. In this case study, we dive into the impressive journey of Digitees, a New Zealand-based t-shirt printing company that leveraged the power of reviews to skyrocket its sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Discover how Digitees’ online store, built on DecoNetwork—a leading platform specializing in online stores for apparel decoration print shops—harnesses the capabilities of Rating Captain to collect and showcase customer reviews. By following in their footsteps, you can unlock the potential to strengthen your online presence and attract customers to your offerings.

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An Overview Of Digitees' Online Store

Digitees specializes in personalized clothing and merchandise, offering customers a seamless online shopping experience. Customers can browse through their product catalog, select their preferred styles and colors, and upload custom artwork. Finally, customers can easily place their orders for custom-made products. Digitees also provides an additional feature, allowing customers to set up their own free merch store and sell their custom items using Digitees’ Print-on-Demand dropshipping services.

The Challenge: Garnering Customer Reviews And Establishing Trust

Despite Digitees’ commitment to excellent customer service, timely order fulfillment, and innovative ideas, they faced a challenge in collecting reviews and ratings on their Google business profile. The objective was to compete with other businesses by harnessing social proof and attract potential clients to their offerings. To achieve this, Digitees needed to prominently display customer reviews on their online store, significantly boosting trust among future potential clients and ultimately increasing sales conversions.

The Solution: Implementing Customer Review Widgets And AI Algorithms

To tackle the challenge at hand, Digitees partnered with Rating Captain, utilizing their AI algorithms to verify common issues and enhance the sales process. The implementation involved incorporating widgets on the store’s website, featuring company reviews on the homepage and product-specific reviews on corresponding subpages. These customizable widgets helped strengthen Digitees’ brand identity, foster trust among future users, and improve customer retention.

The Results: Impressive Growth And Positive Impact

After just two months of cooperation, Digitees achieved remarkable results:

  1. Over 200 positive reviews were collected from Digitees’ clients, representing a staggering 76% increase in the number of reviews.
  2. The personalized review invitations boasted an exceptional open rate (OR) of 63.77%, while the click-to-open rate (CTOR) reached an outstanding 49.07%. These figures highlight the effectiveness of the strategy in engaging customers.
  3. Product reviews received a 47.36% CTOR, with an average rating of 4.88, demonstrating the high satisfaction level of Digitees’ customers.
  4. All reviews were collected on both Digitees’ Google profile and their dedicated catalog with reviews on their website, showcasing a commitment to transparency and credibility.

The Benefits: Outstanding Growth And SEO Boost

In summary, the collaboration with Rating Captain resulted in a remarkable 76% increase in customer reviews for Digitees. The integration of advanced yet intuitive widgets on the website allowed the company to display reviews prominently, providing evidence of their high-quality services and convincing customers to place orders.

Additionally, the placement of product review widgets on every product page enabled the display of Google Rich Snippets, including star ratings in search results. This automatic improvement in SEO enhances Digitees’ online visibility, attracting more organic traffic and potential customers.

The Takeaway: Customer Reviews Matter For Print Shops

The AI algorithmic semantic analysis of hundreds of customer reviews provided Digitees with valuable insights. By identifying areas for improvement, addressing customer concerns, and enhancing customer satisfaction, Digitees experienced significant business growth. This case study highlights the crucial role that reviews play in understanding customer needs, building trust, and fostering long-term success for your online store.

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