From Click To Buy: Free Shipping & Customer Decision-Making

From Click To Buy: Free Shipping & Customer Decision-Making
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As an online retailer, it’s vital to offer your customers the best deals to keep them engaged. One of the most effective ways to attract customers and increase sales is by providing free shipping. Research has shown that customers are more likely to purchase products when free shipping is offered. In this article, we will delve into the significance of free shipping in customer decision-making and provide you with valuable insights on implementing a successful free shipping strategy.

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The Power Of Free Shipping

Free shipping has become a potent tool for online retailers. A recent study by Walker Sands Communications reported that 90% of customers considered free shipping as the top incentive for online shopping. Another survey by RetailMeNot revealed that 74% of customers abandoned their shopping carts due to high shipping costs.

The Influence Of Shipping Costs

Shipping costs have a considerable impact on customer decision-making. Customers tend to consider both the item cost and the shipping cost. High shipping costs can lead to cart abandonment, discouraging customers from completing their purchases. In contrast, free shipping can neutralize this negative effect and motivate customers to proceed with their purchase.

The Psychology Of Free Shipping

Customers perceive free shipping as a valuable and enticing offer. By offering free shipping, you’re giving customers a discount on their overall purchase, which they appreciate. Additionally, free shipping creates a sense of urgency, motivating customers to take immediate action and take advantage of the offer.

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Free Shipping Strategies

Online retailers adopt various free shipping strategies to attract customers. Some offer free shipping on all orders, while others require a minimum purchase amount. Another popular strategy is to offer free shipping as part of a membership program, such as Amazon Prime. When selecting a strategy, it’s essential to consider your target audience and determine what will appeal to them the most.

Implementation Tips

Implementing a successful free shipping strategy can be challenging, but it’s achievable. Ensure that your shipping policies are clearly stated and communicated to your customers. It’s also essential to display information about free shipping offers prominently on your website. Offering free shipping for a limited time or as part of a promotional campaign is also a good idea.

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The Takeaway - Boost Online Sales With Free Shipping

Free shipping is a powerful sales tool that online retailers can use to attract customers and boost sales. Understanding the role that free shipping plays in customer decision-making and implementing a strategy that works for your business is essential. Follow the tips outlined in this article to create a successful free shipping strategy that will drive sales and build customer loyalty.

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  1. David

    Agreed and just wanted to leave a comment for potential users.

    Deconetwork do not have the option to convert any shipping option to free shipping. For e.g. it is currently possible to create a free shipping option based on “X” amount. Once the cart is above “X” amount, this option becomes visible.

    However, the normal shipping option (e.g. $4.99) is still available and it’s just confusing to see both options listed, that are the same service. It could lead to a customer thinking that the normal $4.99 option is a premium service instead when it’s not.

    A clearer option can be for a specified shipping method to be changed from e.g. $4.99 to $0 once the threshold is met.

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