WordPress + DecoNetwork API Integration By Muzammal Rajpoot

WordPress + DecoNetwork API Integration By Muzammal Rajpoot
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  • Post published:Nov 11, 2021
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One of the biggest asked questions we have gotten when it comes to the DecoNetwork platform is whether or not a WordPress integration is possible. 

Whether you’re a newcomer to DecoNetwork that previously used WordPress to run your online store or someone that has been on the platform for a while and would like the possibility to integrate with WordPress in the future, we have good news. 

Thanks to a Software Engineer Muzammal Rajpoot, who has been using DecoNetwork for the past five years, a custom WordPress API integration is now available. 

If you’re active on our DecoNetwork Users Group on Facebook, chances are you’ve seen Muzammal interacting with the posts. He recently worked with DecoNetwork user GarmentDecor to integrate WordPress. 

Over the past five years, he’s helped to build more than 100 stores for DecoNetwork customers and is now offering WordPress integration. 

While we will leave the specifics of how his integration works for Muzammal to explain, here is what you can expect on the surface. 

In order to use this integration with your DecoNetwork subscription, you must have DecoNetwork API access. DecoNetwork API access is available either through our Enterprise plan or through our Legacy plan. 

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. 

Reasons To Use This Integration

Muzammal gave us a great example as to why someone using DecoNetwork would want to use his WordPress Integration. 

“Let’s assume you’ve been running a WordPress website for the past five years and you don’t want to lose your website google ranking. And you also need the complete screen printing and embroidery shop management software for your business,” Rajpoot said. “This integration is super powerful and combines all of the benefits of DecoNetwork and WordPress into one.”

“Many DecoNetwork users aim to work as a fulfillment center,” he said. “The DecoNetwork and WordPress Integration opens a door for all of you to achieve your desired goals.”

Muzammal listed below the major benefits of using the WordPress integration, but there are so many more including: 

  • Work as a Fulfilment Center
  • Apple pay/ Amazon pay/ Google/ 2Checkout/ CryptoCurrency payment gateways Integration
  • Sezzle Buy Now, Pay Later solution
  • NetSuite (ERP/financials, CRM, eCommerce, inventory, and more) Integration
  • Facebook/Instagram Catalogue Syncing 
  • Analyzing Google/Facebook Reports to convert the visitors to orders.
  • Design more robust and advanced websites with WordPress
  • Export Orders/Users via .csv files
  • More plugin availability with WordPress
  • Convert more visitors to orders with a seamless ordering experience

WordPress integration works great if you’re trying to import products. The integration will pull images from DecoNetwork allowing a seamless transition between your WordPress account and DecoNetwork account.   

“I’m getting the job done programmatically,” Rajpoot said. “It will boost your WordPress website speed a lot more. I spent around eight months with different problem-solving skills to build an optimized and reusable system.”

If you would like to learn more about Muzammal’s WordPress integration, you can contact him at muzammalrajpoot91@gmail.com.

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  1. Hello Deconetwork,

    The price asked for this feature is prohibited and should be mutualized,

    We’re full of clients that want this feature, but paying thousands of dollars for this is not an option!


  2. Tim Gummer

    Same – this integration is completely prohibitive for someone starting out. It should be bundled with the deco network service.

    Frankly it is a reason for me to AVOID using a deconetwork based fulfillment vendor – which is hardly in deconetwork or its clients interests.

    Please give serious consideration to this. I’m not beyond making SOME payment but surely there is a way to relate this to sales volume.

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