How To Boost Online Sales with Screen Printing Affiliate Stores

How To Boost Online Sales with Screen Printing Affiliate Stores
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  • Post published:Mar 30, 2023
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As your online business grows, it’s essential to explore new opportunities to expand your reach and revenue. DecoNetwork has just the feature for you: Affiliate Online Stores. Incorporating Affiliate Online Stores into your business plan can help grow your print shop exponentially. But, what exactly are Affiliate Online Stores and how can they benefit your screen printing business?

Grow Your Screen Printing Business With DecoNetwork Affiliate Online Stores

An Affiliate Online Store is a stand-alone e-commerce website that sells its own screen printed products. Affiliates can brand and customize their online store to fit their needs. They can also set their own product markups and any of their screen printed merchandise on the affiliate online store.

Screen printing businesses can partner with multiple clients to promote and sell their products through an Affiliate Online Store. The client markets and generates sales, all while payment and production details are forwarded to you, the screen printing business.

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How Can You Use Affiliate Online Stores For Your Screen Printing Business?

One way to utilize Affiliate Online Stores for your screen printing business, is by partnering with key clients. For example, you can partner with local restaurant owners to provide an Affiliate Online Store to easily purchase uniforms or sell branded merchandise to patrons.

Another great opportunity is to partner with school administrators to sell school uniforms, spirit wear, or even sports uniforms, all through their own Affiliate Online Store.

The Takeaway

DecoNetwork Affiliate Online Store allows screen printing businesses to create multiple websites for their clients to easily make more sales. By partnering with clients and creating Affiliate Online Stores, you can target specific audiences and generate more sales. 

Learn more about Affiliate Online Stores from DecoNetwork here.

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