Let’s Get Printing with Zach Dewhurst ft. Jay Wilson

Let’s Get Printing with Zach Dewhurst ft. Jay Wilson

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  • Post published:Jul 15, 2021
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In this episode of Let’s Get Printing with Zach Dewhurst, guest Jay Wilson talks about a game-changing decoration process. One that might make you rethink your next print equipment purchase. We’re referring to Direct To Film, also known as DTF transfer printing.

DTF printing is a new digital process that makes it possible to print onto almost any type of apparel fabric. DTF printing is also known to deliver strong durability.

Zach and Jay discuss everything DTF. From selecting the right DTF printing equipment to its long list of capabilities. Plus, how DTF is opening the doors to new print shop startups.

Connect With Zach Dewhurst

Connect With Jay Wilson

Website: alldtg.com
Website: kolortransfer.com

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