Let’s Get Printing with Zach Dewhurst ft. Monty Mims

Let’s Get Printing with Zach Dewhurst ft. Monty Mims
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  • Post published:Nov 29, 2021
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On this episode of Let’s Get Printing, our special guest is Monty Mims of SanMar. Monty shares with us how they’re helping garment decoration businesses of all sizes continue to grow.

Monty Mims also gives us a peek at SanMar’s Decorator Digital Solutions. Decorator Digital Solutions is a team of experts that help apparel decorators with challenges during the decoration process. They also assist with finding contract decorators, product testing, and product development.

Monty Mims worked in his father’s embroidery business for 7 years prior to joining SanMar in 2007 as a Territory Manager. He has been a Strategic Account Manager on SanMar’s Decorator Relations team since 2016. As a geek for the apparel industry, he loves meeting and working with his customers to market their business more efficiently.

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