The Best 7 Trending T-Shirt Design Ideas For 2022

The Best 7 Trending T-Shirt Design Ideas For 2022
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One of the most popular apparel items, t-shirts are a staple in any wardrobe. There are many different ways to wear them and styles to choose from. If you’re looking for some ideas for your next t-shirt design project, check out this list of trending t-shirt design ideas for 2022!

trending t-shirt design ideas graphic tee city names

1 - City Names On T-Shirt Designs

A city name t-shirt design is a t-shirt with the name of your city on it. This is very popular and easy to find in many different places. People have strong connections to the city they live in, so this is a great way to show off where you’re from!

One of my favorite examples of this trend is the iconic ‘I Heart NYC’ t-shirt. This shirt was made famous by Carrie Bradshaw on Sex And The City, who wore it at various points throughout the show. Since then, many people have bought it as their own personal statement saying “Hey world: I live here!”

trending t-shirt design ideas graphic tee retro vintage

2 - Retro-Inspired T-Shirt Designs

Retro t-shirt designs are inspired by the pop culture of the past. These designs can be anything from movies, music, Saturday morning cartoons, and even video games. Striking a nostalgic chord is what makes these t-shirts appealing to a wide audience.

Retro t-shirts have been trending for quite some time now but they reached peak popularity in the 90s when they were first introduced as casual wear by several clothing brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein among others. So it’s obvious that this design has been around since then but just because it’s old doesn’t mean it has lost its charm!

trending t-shirt design ideas graphic tee hand drawn

3 - Hand Drawn T-Shirt Designs

Hand-drawn t-shirt designs are made by drawing the design in the most authentic way possible. The best thing about hand-drawn t-shirts is that they allow you to show your creativity and style, making them one of the most popular trends out there. They look more personal and give you a chance to express yourself through your design.

trending t-shirt design ideas graphic tee funny memes

4 - Funny Meme T-Shirt Designs

Memes are a great way to communicate humor and thought-provoking messages that everyone can relate to. Everyone loves a good laugh, especially when it’s at their own expense! Meme t-shirts are popular because they’re funny and relatable.

For example, the world of memes is vast and includes many niches like pets, pop culture, office life, parenting, relationship issues – you name it. People love to see their own struggles reflected through memes because they can relate. There’s something for everyone here!

trending t-shirt design ideas graphic tee tattoo vintage

5 - Traditional Tattoo T-Shirt Designs

You may be familiar with the term “traditional tattoo designs,” but what does it really mean? Traditional tattoos are usually comprised of geometric shapes and lines. They’re often bold, and they can even be black and white. In fact, many people in the western world associate traditional tattoos with Sailor Jerry designs or Japanese tattoos (although both of these styles have actually evolved over time).

In recent years, however, there has been a resurgence of interest in more classic styles like Celtic knotwork and tribal art. This has led to an uptick in popularity for “traditional” tattoo t-shirts—which is exactly why we’ve included them on our list!

Traditional tattoo designs are one of the hottest trends right now—and for good reason: they’re clean-cut yet unique enough to stand out from other types of clothing on your body at once.

trending t-shirt design ideas graphic tee animals pets

6 - Animal Portrait T-Shirt Designs

Animal portraits are a popular t-shirt design that is here to stay. This type of t-shirt design will continue to be popular because people have a strong connection with their pets and people love animals.

Animal rescue T-shirts are great for the animal lovers out there who want to show off their favorite pet or rescue organization. Wildlife organizations also use animal portrait designs on their merchandise as well as famous pet celebrities like Grumpy Cat, Doug the Pug, and Juniper. If you’re going for an animal portrait t-shirt design, make sure it’s something unique and different from what anyone else would wear so you get noticed!

trending t-shirt design ideas graphic tee anime

7 - Anime T-Shirt Designs

Anime is a type of Japanese animation, and there are many anime fans all over the world. The most popular male anime characters include Goku from Dragon Ball, Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, and Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z. If you are looking for an anime-themed t-shirt design that your target audience can relate to or even identify with, then this is the right category for you!

Anime fans are very loyal to their favorite series. They will buy anything related to their favorite character(s) as long as it fits in line with their style preferences. Anime fans are known for being willing to spend money when they see something they like!

Find T-Shirt Design Ideas Inspiration

You should always be aware of what’s trending in t-shirt designs. If you see something interesting on Instagram or Pinterest, save it for later. There are also plenty of other resources that can give you inspiration. These include:


We hope this article has given you some ideas for your next t-shirt design project. It might seem like a lot of work to come up with the right concept and design, but it’s really not as hard as it seems at first glance. We believe that if you follow the tips we’ve outlined here then you will be able to create something awesome!

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