Dynamic Product Template

Have you been wanting to create a custom product but you’re not too sure what the option below was for, or not fully sure how it works?



Well, it’s a lot easier than you think! Just follow the tutorial below and you’ll be able to create your own custom dynamic product template in no time.


Omar Zambri Mahmud March 27, 2019

Hi, I am new to deconetwork. I need multiple colors for various sections of a shirt or jersey. So what i have done is create a .psd file with 4 and 5 laters to identify each section as follows: Top to bottom layers in photoshop .psd file for a front view of a shirt. Layer 1:  color_1   (with collar image, 50% grey, brightness adjusted for highlighting the area). Layer 2:  color_2   (for shirt body). Layer 3:  color_3   (for both left and right sleeves). Layer 4:  color_4   (for both left and right sleeve bands) I saved the .psd file for the dynamic product template with 4 colors. Next I clicked as follows: Add View >Your own custom template >Next >upload template PSD file.   After that I can see the Front View with the first layer (the collar) being in displayed in the default color that I have selected. The other layers are displayed in grey.  The problem is I cannot define the colors for the other layers? There is no dialogued that ask me for the colour selection for the other 3 layers, namely Layer color_2, color_3 and color_4 ! I have searched various forums and videos. I found 2 videos: 1) Create dynamic product template (showing only up to one color). 2) Creating multi-color dynamic product view templates. (this do not show the process from the beginning until it is done the first time. Rather it is a process to show after the first .psd file has already been uploaded. So Deconetwork customers need a video for creating multi-color dynamic product template for first timers like me, right from the first template created until it is completed for at least 4 different color sections of a shirt in the template. I am struggling with Deconetwork configuration like these and my deconetwork website has not been up for many months due to struggles like this. I am about to give up. Appreciate if anyone can advise What seem to be the problem?