Stormtech Is Now Available To DecoNetwork Members!

Stormtech Is Now Available To DecoNetwork Members!
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  • Post published:Aug 3, 2023
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Great news for UK DecoNetwork users! Stormtech, a renowned brand known for its careful thought, passionate design, and technical excellence, is now fully integrated into the DecoNetwork platform. This exciting collaboration allows DecoNetwork members to easily access Stormtech’s wide range of blank products, taking their garment decoration experiences to a whole new level. With a strong focus on customers and a commitment to environmental sustainability, this integration offers incredible opportunities and benefits for businesses and end customers alike.

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Stormtech + DecoNetwork: A Seamless Collaboration

Stormtech and DecoNetwork have partnered to provide users with a seamless experience, making it easy to see, design, and create complete solutions. The integration grants DecoNetwork members direct access to Stormtech’s premium product catalog within the platform, streamlining the ordering process and production workflows. Decorators can now offer customers a broader range of high-quality, customizable apparel options, thanks to Stormtech’s exceptional performance-driven garments.

Stormtech's Mission

At Stormtech, their mission is driven by careful thought, passionate design, and technical excellence. They’re creating exceptional apparel that elevates the experience of the wearer. Detailed attention is given to the needs of their customers and through long-term, meaningful partnerships, they’re delivering an authentic customer-centric solution.

How To Enable Stormtech in DecoNetwork?

Whether it’s for team apparel, corporate branding, or personal projects, DecoNetwork members can now take advantage of Stormtech’s high-quality products to elevate their garment decoration experiences and inspire confidence in every adventure.

Enable the Stormtech catalog in DecoNetwork – Full Tutorial