Is your website ready for the Black Friday sale?


This Friday, November 29th, is Black Friday where shoppers flock to take advantage of post-Thanksgiving sales.

Last year on Black Friday 2012 shoppers spent-up an amazing record $59,100,000,000, an increase from the $52,400,000,000 spent in 2011.

On a per-shopper level, the average consumer spent $423 which again was an increase on the $398 spent per consumer in 2011.

So, is your website ready to nab a bit of that consumer spending frenzy?

Shoppers expect sales on Black Friday and the easiest way to do this is to offer a Black Friday coupon code.

Creating a coupon code in DecoNetwork

First create a Black Friday coupon code in DecoNetwork. Why not use something like “BLACKFRIDAY” or “BF2013”.

To create the coupon code:

1. Log into your DecoNetwork website
2. Browse to Manage Fulfillment > Settings > Configure Coupons
3. Select New Coupon

Complete the New Coupon form with the settings you want. i.e.

new-couponYou can set your discount amount as a percentage (%) or exact value ($). You can also configure your coupon to only apply if the customer buys a minimum purchase value. i.e. only applies if the customer buys more than $100 worth of goods.

Finally, you can select the Available Products tab to configure what type of products the coupon can be applied for, and the Availability tab to configure what stores can use your coupon code.

Promoting your sale

As with any promotion you need to promote the heck out of it! Splash it everywhere, but don’t spam other peoples sites or forums.

On your website

Include it on your website as a floating promotional banner – Click here to read out previous blog post on how to do this.

On Facebook

Post about the sale on your Facebook page. Images always provide the best impact so download our free template for creating a Black Friday promotional code post. Don’t forget to change your promo code, discount amount and website address!


When you post your image don’t forget to include a link to your site and include the hashtag #blackfriday. i.e.

“Check out our Black Friday deal at Enter promo code BF2013 for 10% off custom printed tees! #blackfriday”

Twitter, Google+ and other social channels

Don’t ignore the other social channels such as Twitter and Google+, and again use the hashtag #blackfriday in your posts PLUS a link to your site. People need to know where to buy 🙂


Beyond doing a general promotional email to your customer list, you should also update your email signature so that every email you and your team sends promotes your Black Friday sale.

Have fun and good luck with your Black Friday sale!


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