SwagTex’s Success Story

SwagTex’s Success Story
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  • Post published:Jul 12, 2022
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SwagTex owner Mohammed Easmael has always been a businessman.

His big break came when he was able to land contracts with the biggest hat companies in the world, including New Era and Mitchell & Ness. He founded Cap Swag, a hat store business that’s been going strong ever since.

He later founded SwagTex with the help of his business partner, Phil Chehet, a custom decoration business that would go hand-in-hand with his already established business, Cap Swag.

From embroidering hats, to printing shirts both with Direct-to-Garment machines and screen printing presses, SwagTex has grown extremely fast over the past few years.

“This custom business, more or less, was born out of necessity,” Easmael said. “You don’t have a key factor in your retail operation that you need. It was actually a blessing that we didn’t have it early on because it taught us to be scrappy and creative and use what we had.”

It was Chehet who found DecoNetwork and they joined the software shortly thereafter in the summer of 2018. Chehet said it was a no-brainer for them to join DecoNetwork at the time.

“The biggest thing that stuck out to me about DecoNetwork at the time was they had the embroidery infrastructure locked down,” Chehet said. “Other companies had not gone in that direction. With us having our roots in embroidery, that was really a big thing for us.”

Easmael and Chehet were kind enough to show us around their distribution center just outside of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and give us an interview on how they have created not one, but two successful businesses within the apparel industry.

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