The Daily Hustle Store’s Success Story

The Daily Hustle Store’s Success Story
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Chant Singvonga is a hustler.

His life, especially in his earlier days, didn’t always go according to plan. Drugs and alcohol consumed the vast majority of his adolescent years and his entrepreneurial spirit had yet to exist.

Singvonga moved to the United States in 1987 with his four siblings and two parents from Laos and he grew up in public housing. In the early 2000s, the only thing Singvonga cared about was partying and having a good time.

It wasn’t until 2004 that Singvonga turned his life around, pointed himself in the right direction and ultimately carved out a career as an entrepreneur. From owning a landscaping business to owning and operating a laundromat, Singvonga now spends the vast majority of his time owning and operating a print and embroidery shop and documenting his life on YouTube. 

Singvongsa is a hustler and he has incorporated that into his brand. He goes by Chant’s Daily Hustle on YouTube and his print and embroidery business goes by the name, The Daily Hustle store. It’s a phrase that Singvongsa eats, sleeps and breathes. 

“Growing up, I never knew what I wanted to be,” Singvongsa said. “I wasn’t good in school.  I dropped out of high school. Not to be proud of that, but I went back and got my GED. I struggled with drugs and alcohol growing up and by the time I was 21, I had quit drinking and drugging. When I did that, I had so much time on my hands.” 

An Entrepreneur Is Born

It was around the time Singvongsa got his life together that he met his mentor Roger Kahler and started working for him. His first couple of jobs involved working in gardens and learning about flowers. That led to him starting his first business, a landscaping and lawn care business.

Down the road, Singvongsa purchased a laundromat and owned and operated that for several years. After starting a YouTube channel back in 2015 and vlogging about his day-to-day life as an entrepreneur, he began to dabble in the apparel industry printing T-Shirts and embroidering hats.

During the winter months when it’s really cold outside in Minnesota, I have a lot of time on my hands,” Singvongsa said. “I would do research and buy those cheap printers and print out heat press transfers. The laundromat had a little office, so I set up a little shop and I don’t think I sold a single shirt during those days of working out of the office in the laundromat.”

Printing Ramps Up

When Singvongsa launched his YouTube channel in 2015 and started to build a following, his side hustle of printing shirts and embroidering hats finally took off.

“The next thing you know, people wanted shirts and hats of the Daily Hustle gear,” Singvongsa said. “I said man, I need to find a way to get these into people’s hands.”

Singvongsa’s original thought was like most in his situation. He paid a visit to the town’s local print and embroidery shop and placed an order. What he received wasn’t up to his standards and it led him to buy his own equipment and start producing his own Daily Hustle merchandise.

He purchased a single-head embroidery machine and made payments on it. That led to Singvongsa earning a brand deal with Bobcat. They tasked him with embroidering 200 hats for an upcoming expo.

“I ran 200 hats day in and day out on that single-head machine and it took forever, but I got it done,” he said.

“This was an opportunity to scale this business and take it to the next level,” Singvongsa said. “If I had to borrow money or make a deal with the owner, I was going to do it. January 1, 2019, I bought that company from them.”

Purchasing A Print and Embroidery Shop

In 2019, Singvongsa was approached by the town’s local print and embroidery shop. He was asked if he would be interested in purchasing the business. Only producing merch for his own brand and nothing for his local community, Singvongsa saw it as an opportunity to expand the business.

Singvongsa and his wife changed everything about how the business operated. As a result, he received drawbacks from the locals, who weren’t as receptive to the change as Singvongsa was.

“I questioned myself if this was the wrong move because it was an investment that I felt like I shouldn’t have been dabbling into,” Singvongsa said.

He stuck with it, though. And after documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly of owning and operating a print shop on his YouTube channel, things started to look up.

Subscribers started to reach out and request custom apparel and the rest is history.

Joining DecoNetwork

In order to make online orders feasible, Singvongsa joined DecoNetwork shortly after purchasing the business. The previous owners did not use any production management software to help run the business. They also didn’t have any sort of backend to help generate sales.

That all changed when Singvongsa started using DecoNetwork to help streamline the business and make it run more efficiently.

“The backend system (in DecoNetwork) is a good CRM where it holds all of the clients’ information,” Singvongsa said. “All of these things that you don’t need to write on paper. The production process through DecoNetwork has made our sales fast and easy.

“If we didn’t have DecoNetwork, the flow from start to finish would get lost easily,” Singvongsa said. “From sales to production, we have to know where it is in between. DecoNetwork helps us do that.”

Relocating The Business

Singvongsa’s next big move came when he decided to ditch his already-established laundromat business in Jackson, Minnesota, and repurpose the space for his newfound print shop. He sold off his washer and dryers, renovated the 5,000 square-foot space, and moved their print shop business into the location in a matter of weeks.

In Year 1 of owning the business, they generated $130,000 in revenue and in Year 2, they jumped to $240,000. In year 3, they jumped to $460,000 and are on pace to increase that number again this year.

“To me, those are still small numbers,” Singvongsa said. “We want to hit $750,000 – $1 million this year. That’s my goal. As you can see, it keeps growing. That’s why we’re able to keep scaling because we know there is money in this industry. I’m really excited about what’s to come.”

To learn more about Singvongsa and his path to becoming a successful entrepreneur and print shop owner, watch our video below:

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