5 DecoPay Features Only Available On DecoNetwork

5 DecoPay Features Only Available On DecoNetwork
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  • Post published:Nov 27, 2023
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If you’re a DecoNetwork user, you’re likely already familiar with the efficiency and innovation embedded in our platform. Now, imagine taking that experience a step further with DecoPay, our very own payment gateway developed in collaboration with Stripe. Here are our top 5 must-have DecoNetwork features only available by enabling DecoPay.

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DecoPay Gives You The Freedom To Choose From More Payment Methods

DecoPay is all about simplifying your payment choices! With us, you have the freedom to select from a diverse array of payment methods, including ApplePay, GooglePay, ACH, Bank Transfers, and regional payment methods spanning 195 countries. We believe in giving you options that suit your preferences and location.

DecoPay Lets You Set Custom Limits On Specific Payment Methods

DecoPay goes the extra mile by putting you in control. Set limits effortlessly on specific payment methods. For instance, decide to accept credit cards up to a particular amount of your choosing. We’re here to make payments smooth and personalized, just the way you want them!

DecoPay Allows You To Pass Credit Card Fees On To Your Customers

Exciting news! Brace yourself for a better transaction experience in our upcoming DecoPay update, packed with two game-changing features. Firstly, take control of your finances by directly passing credit card transaction fees to your customers. Secondly, enjoy the ease of a dynamic fee display that reveals alternative payment methods with lower transaction fees in real-time. The future of payment processing is almost here, and we’re eager to share more details. Stay tuned for this thrilling transformation!
  • DecoPay: Protect Your Bottom Line By Passing Credit Card Fees To Customers
  • DecoPay Automatically Adds Affiliate Store's Name On Bank Statements

    DecoPay goes beyond conventional payment gateways. When customers make purchases through affiliate stores, the affiliate store’s name takes the spotlight on their credit card statement, reducing disputes significantly.

    DecoPay Provides A 100% Hassle-Free Credit Card Dispute Process

    Disputes are never pleasant, but with DecoPay, we’ve streamlined the process. Our automated system takes care of submitting disputes to credit cards, sparing you the hassle of gathering information. It’s a 100% hassle-free process, ensuring you have more time to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

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    The Takeaway: DecoPay Is a Must-Have For DecoNetwork Members

    Enabling DecoPay into your DecoNetwork experience brings a range of essential features that enhance your payment processes. From offering diverse payment options to empowering you with the ability to set specific transaction limits, DecoPay is designed to align seamlessly with your preferences and location. The upcoming update promises an even more exciting future, introducing features like passing credit card fees to customers and a dynamic fee display for real-time insights into alternative payment methods.

    Furthermore, the unique feature of displaying affiliate store names on credit card statements significantly reduces disputes, contributing to a smoother transaction experience. With a streamlined, 100% hassle-free approach to credit card disputes, DecoPay allows you to redirect your focus where it matters most – on growing your business.

    Switch to DecoPay and discover a world of convenience within the DecoNetwork ecosystem.

    How To Turn-On DecoPay

    Watch our DecoPay Setup video to learn how to enable DecoPay on your website.