Otto Cap’s Best-Sellers for 2022-23

Otto Cap’s Best-Sellers for 2022-23
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Who doesn’t love Otto Cap?

Our friends over at Otto Cap are the leading worldwide manufacturers of quality headwear for the past 70 years.

They have three major distribution centers in the United States and we are fortunate enough to have them integrated into our catalogs here at DecoNetwork.

We were recently at the Fort Worth, Texas Impressions Expo and had a chance to catch up with Otto Cap!

We spoke with David Lever, who is the Global Vice President of Sales over at Otto Cap and he was kind enough to share some of their most popular products.

David talks about their extensive inventory. They currently have in the neighborhood of 50 million hats between their three distribution centers in Atlanta, Georgia, Arlington, Texas, and Ontario, California.

The best-sellers that David speaks about include their Otto Comfy Line which comes in 20 different styles. They also have their famous Otto Foam Front Trucker hat that can be ordered in tons of different colors.

Otto Cap

David mentions that if you’re looking to heat transfer, their foam front trucker hat is the best way to go.

The last hat David talks about is their Richardson 112, which gets a lot of inquiries. Their Otto 112 has 80 different colors to choose from. Check out the video to see how their 112 differs from its competitors.

If you would like to check out their website, you can click HERE.

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